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Action With Effect

‘Action with Effect’ is run by a committed and dedicated group of volunteers who with fundraising provide a feeding program and loving care for destitute lepers, orphans, and street children. To date we have built schools and houses for destitute homeless leper families. Our orphanage has been built to provide loving care for infants and small children.


Action With Effect

AWE is seeking much needed funding for its efforts on behalf of the destitute, living in squalor on the streets of India. Today and every day ‘third world’ children will die a painful and distressing death, directly from hunger or disease. What makes these deaths obscene is that today’s world is a world of food surplus.


Action With Effect

“AWE helps feed the hungry, clothe the naked, provide safe drinking water to the thirsty, administer medical care for the sick and provide hope to the broken spirit of the destitute.”


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